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portage county community alert

portage county community alert

Portage County Emergency Alerts Graphic.

Register now for the Portage County Community Alert System that sends notifications to your home phone, mobile phone, and emails.

What is community alert?

Portage County Community Alert is an emergency and non-emergency community notification system. Portage County Community Alert enables us to communicate efficiently with residents in just a matter of minutes, helping save valuable time, use resources efficiently and protect our community.


Sign up now to receive important emergency and public outreach information from our county such as severe weather alerts, life threatening situations and more. Once you sign up, you can manage the types of alerts you would like to receive and how you would like to receive the alerts.  Your contact information is secure and will NOT be shared. This service will ONLY contact you for emergencies or topics you've chosen.

Sign up here: Portage County Community Alert

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